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  • Zarifa Ghafari - Speaking live
A Woman's Battle in a Man's World

In her lectures, Zarifa Ghafari talks about global politics in Russia vs. Ukraine, China, the U.S. and how to deal with the Orient, about the right to education, about the common good of the people in the Orient and of course Women and human rights and the real world in the Middle East.

Zarifa Ghafari remains upright, although she could have broken long ago. She continues her mission because she loves her country and wants to help women and people live free lives. No more. And nothing less.

Keynote topics

Anfrage Vortrag Global Politics

Global Politics

Russia, China, USA & Dealing with the Orient
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Human Work & Human Capital

The Right to Education
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From Afghanistan to the World

The Common Good of the People in the Orient
Anfrage Vortrag Speach Women's Rights & Human Rights

Women’s Rights & Human Rights

The Real World in the Middle East